Celiac Advocates

I am writing this post because I think it is so important to have trusted sources in the Celiac community to turn to when you have questions.

I am seeing a lot of people in the community, who are considered advocates, recommending unsafe sources. This includes unsafe foods, and unsafe bloggers who promote unsafe products.

Following is a list of who I believe are trusted Celiac Advocates, who work tirelessly within the community to ensure that safe information is given at all times. Everyone slips up now and then, and people make mistakes. If you find that one of the people on my list is giving unsafe information, please let me know, and I will investigate whether they should remain on my list. Know an advocate who belongs on the list? Tell me about them! Let me know why you feel they belong on the list. Please understand if I do not include them, as this list is based on my own idea of what a Celiac Advocate should be. I will not be giving my reasons for not including someone because of this.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is my list of Celiac Advocates, along with a little blurb about each of them. Please feel free to click on the link provided, and go to their various social media pages to check them out. As I get to know more people in the community, I will add more to this list.

***All photos used below belong to the Advocates, and I claim no rights to them.

***Please note that I may not share the same views on some things as the below people. That does not mean that they don’t do good work in the community. We all have our ways of helping, and these people should be honoured for doing what they do!

Gluten-Free Globetrotter

Erin was diagnosed Celiac in 1981, and has lived a gluten free lifestyle ever since. She is an amazing advocate for the community, and always speaks for Celiacs first. She runs the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group, and uses it as an opportunity to share information amongst the community, as well as good food. Erin is an avid traveller, and is your girl for travel recommendations! Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

Gluten Dude

Scott was diagnosed in 2007, and has been a fierce advocate for the community ever since. He is one of our more outspoken advocates, and he can always be counted on to give his honest opinion on controversial topics. He’s recently completed the funding portion for a brilliant new app called BlueSponge. Click on the above link to check out his website to learn more!

Celiac and the 6ix

Ashley is a fellow Canadian, who loves to travel, and is not only an advocate for the Celiac community, but she’s also a fierce Toronto advocate! Need to know where the best place to eat is? Hit her up! Have questions on how to navigate the gluten free world? She’s always willing to answer. Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

Gluten Free Watchdog

Tricia has a Master of Science degree, is a Registered Dietician, and knows the world of proper testing for gluten. She works hard to provide independent test results on products stating to be gluten free, to ensure that the community eats safely! She is a fierce advocate for the Celiac community, and is known to take issues directly to the FDA. Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

Shelley Case, RD

Shelley is a Registered Dietician, an international Celiac and gluten free expert, and author of national best-seller Gluten Free: The Definitive Resource Guide. She is a member of the Medical Advisory Board of the Celiac Disease Foundation in the United States, and the Professional Advisory Council of the Canadian Celiac Association. She is always willing to share her knowledge of Celiac Disease with the community. Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

In Johnna’s Kitchen

Johnna has Celiac, is vegetarian, and is also an avid traveller. She is a Living Foods Chef, and Certified Nutritional Education Trainer. Johnna has a large compilation of recipes on her page, and she loves to share information on how to travel and eat safely while following a gluten free diet. She can frequently be found on Twitter, advocating for the Celiac community. Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

Tasty Meditation

Jessica is a diagnosed Celiac, and is an amazing advocate for the community. She is an organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group. Her website includes restaurant recommendations, interviews with restaurant owners, hot topics in the gluten free world, and delicious recipes, which she hopes to put together into a cookbook! Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

Gfree Wifey

Jessica has Celiac Disease, and is an avid advocate in the Celiac community, especially for access to gluten free foods in food banks. She recently created the Community Cook Book Project, which collected recipes from Celiacs across the country, and compiled them into a book to be sold. All proceeds go to providing more gluten free food to food banks, so that less fortunate people with the need to eat gluten free, can have safe food. Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

MI Gluten Free Gal

Margaret is a diagnosed Celiac, and she is a real force in the advocacy world. Not only does she advocate online through her writing about Celiac Disease, but she also runs a week-long overnight gluten free summer camp for kids, and chairs the Celiac/Gluten Free support group in Flint, Michigan. Click on the above link to check out her website to learn more!

Gluten Free Easily

Shirley is diagnosed as gluten intolerant, and works hard to provide recipes, resources, and other helpful info for the gluten free community. She believes in a whole foods approach, and is always willing to answer questions, and share her wealth of knowledge. “Not just Gluten Free, but Gluten Free Easily!”

Canadian Celiac Association

The CCA is Canada’s go-to for Celiac and Gluten Related Disorders. They are up-to-date on new testing, treatments, and information. They always go with the scientific approach, and if you have a question that is not answered on the website, they will find the answer for you. They fight for the Celiac Community like no other organization I’ve seen. Even if you don’t live in Canada, they are an amazing resource!

GF Jules

Jules was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1999, and has been a force in the gluten free world ever since. She created an award-winning flour blend, runs cooking classes, writes cookbooks, and is a tireless advocate for the community. Whether it be at speaking engagements, in magazine articles, or through her website, she is always speaking her truths, and is a trusted resource to fellow Celiacs. Click on the above link to learn more about her!

Celiac and the Beast

Erica was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009, amongst other health issues that she brings awareness to through her blog and social media presence. She is the published author of “Celiac and the Beast: A Love Story Between a Gluten-Free Girl, Her Genes, and A Broken Digestive Tract.” She can be seen and heard calling out companies for their lack of safe options, and praising the ones that do it right! Looking for new gluten free products to try? Erica loves to try out new items, and reviews them on her various social media sites. Connect with her by clicking on the above link!

It’s a Wheatless Life

Julie is the parent of a son, Noah, who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She works tirelessly within the community to bring awareness to the disease, and shares her experience with other parents who are struggling with their children’s diagnosis. She shares her real-life experiences, original recipes, and gluten free finds. Click above to check out her website, and read more about why Julie is an amazing advocate!

The Food Challenged Guy

Jonathan is a diagnosed Celiac, has multiple food sensitivities, and is a wonderful advocate in the Celiac community. He can be found creating amazing info-graphics to help the Celiac and allergy communities navigate the complicated world of food that they live in. His website includes information on Celiac Disease, a gluten free diet guide, and numerous ideas on substitution for gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut, and grains. He’s always willing to help out anyone with food issues, so click the link above to check him out!