My name is Michelle, and I have Celiac Disease. Yup, it’s been a long road to finding that out. I have a non-traditional diagnosis, since I can’t make it through the extra testing needed to confirm Celiac through an endoscopy. I’ve had the blood tests, and they came back negative. The reason for this is because I couldn’t do the “gluten challenge” of eating gluten at every meal for 6-8 weeks, because I was so incredibly ill after only 2 and a half weeks. Unfortunately, without a positive blood test it’s very difficult to get in to see a specialist for the endoscopy. Also, you are still required to eat gluten for that test, and I couldn’t manage. The lethargy, bloating, brain fog, irritability, nausea, headaches, joint pain, and everything else was just too much to bear. So, because of those symptoms, as well as my inflammation markers and medical history (PCOS, infertility, alopecia, IBS, gallstones, Aunt diagnosed Celiac, etc), my doctor told me I had Celiac Disease, and recommended that I eat and live as a Celiac. That is now what I do!

My journey to my diagnosis has been a long one…16 years to be precise. It finally ended in May of 2017 with being told I had CD. There were many other stressors in between that exacerbated my condition, including Postpartum Depression, 2 episodes of anaphylactic shock, and the passing of my Mother. Stress complicates everything, as I’ve learned.

Our whole family follows a strict gluten free diet while in the home. While outside of the home, cross contamination for my husband and son are not an issue, so they still have some gluten in their diets. We find it easier this way, to make sure that I can feel the least amount of anxiety as possible.

I truly enjoy cooking, and taking photos of my food. Ultimately, my dream would be to cook for people, and see them enjoying foods that are safe for those with Celiac disease to enjoy. I’d like everyone to know how easy it is to eat gluten free, since a lot of products are already naturally gluten free!

Here, you will find tried, tested, and true gluten free recipes that I make in real life, on a daily basis. These recipes aren’t fancy (well, not TOO fancy) or froofy. They don’t use a bunch of expensive and unique ingredients. They are REAL LIFE recipes that mothers, fathers, grandparents, and kids can make in their own kitchens at home, to ensure that they can THRIVE in their gluten free lifestyle.

My goal with this website is to provide a sigh of relief to families who are struggling with a new diagnosis of Celiac Disease, NCGS (Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), or any other health issue that requires a gluten free lifestyle. Getting that diagnosis is one of the most difficult things for a person, as it changes your life so drastically, especially when there are children involved. ALL recipes on my website are gluten free, so you can count on them being safe!

Enjoy your stay here, and please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions, and I will do my best to help!

And thanks for coming to my kitchen!


***Disclaimer: I don’t like to give medical advice, because I’m not a medical professional. I know what works for me, but that may not work for you. The food that I recommend, to the best of my knowledge, is gluten free; however, if you are unsure whether a product or ingredient is safe for you, please do the research you need to do in order to ensure that it is. I cannot take responsibility for any illness incurred.